40: Parenting Myth #4: Good Parents are Naturals – Conscious Parenting Coaches Dinuka Ranasinghe, Inez Natalia, and Juliana Gomes

Today we are talking about parenting myth #4: Good parents are naturals.  And I have to tell you, it only took days into being a parent (maybe just hours!) for me to realize that it didn’t come as naturally as I thought it would! 

This show is the fifth in our 8-part series on Conscious Parenting the parenting myths Dr. Shefali Tsabary so beautifully shared in her book, The Awakened Family

To bring this myth to life, we are joined by three inspiring Conscious Parenting Coaches who generously share their wisdom: Dinuka Ranasinghe, Inez Natalia, and Juliana Gomes.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The downsides of viewing parenting as “natural”…and the freedom that understanding this myth unlocks
  • The story of a pre-parenting coach and how conscious parenting is preparing her for her potential future as a parent.
  • How letting go of “good” (and “bad”) can open up joy and connection with ourselves, our kids, and the present moment.

About Dinuka Ranasinghe

Dinuka is a Conscious Parenting Coach, an Early Childhood Educator having run a preschool for 12 years, Kid Works Children’s Center and an Emotion Code Energy Healer, where all three roles are intertwined into one!

Dinuka realized that the energy healing she was doing was completely in sync with what she was learning in Conscious Parenting. It is AMAZING how the subconscious mind has held on to patterns, ego, and inner child wounds that we need to release to be our authentic selves and parent from our authentic selves. This is where Dinuka can help identify and release them. Dinuka combines Conscious Parenting with Emotion Code to transform lives! It is truly fascinating!

About Inez Natalia

Growing up, Inez understood that all parents always want the best for their children. But despite their best intentions, inevitable wounds are created and the connection is obstructed. The confusion is real, as if parents and children speak different languages. 

Inez believes there’s no other love and connection that can be more powerful than the one between parent and child. That’s the foundation for all relationships. The emotional blueprint for how we see the world. Raising a kind, strong, resilient, and loving child is rooted in the parent-child connection. And it starts from the inner connection within the parents. This is what brought Inez into conscious parenting, where she found the answer she was looking for.

Inez was trained and certified by Dr. Shefali in her Conscious Coaching Institute. Integrating Eastern philosophy and Western psychology, conscious parenting changes people’s lives – now and for generations to come.

Utilizing Dr. Shefali’s methodology, Inez helps individuals, couples, and parents to renew their connection with both themselves and their children. She guides parents to see their generational patterns, to heal their inner children, and to re-parent themselves. With compassion and joy, Inez brings the power back to the parents.

Inez truly believes everyone has all the answers within and there’s nothing to fix. You just need a safe space to be awakened.

About Juliana Gomes

Juliana is passionate about parenting and its undeniable influence on our children’s lives. After studying directly with Dr. Shefali since 2017 and experiencing all the benefits from applying the Conscious Parent Approach in her own life, she decided to become a Conscious Parent Coach to help families navigate through moments of challenge. Guiding parents to become more conscious and authentic while fostering deeper connection with their children gives her extraordinary joy and gratitude. 

Juliana also holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Brazil. After moving to the U.S. she furthered her education, studying personally with Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Eckart Tolle, Davidji and Dr. Shefali. She works as a Conscious Parenting Coach and has a private practice in Newport Beach, CA.

Links so you can explore more:

If you are interested in learning more about conscious parenting coaching with these amazing coaches, you can find them here:

Dinuka Ranasinghe: facebook.com/consciousparentingwithdinuka

Inez Natalia: ineznatalia.com

Juliana Gomes: preciousparent.com

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