39: Parenting Myth #3: There are Good Children and Bad Children – Conscious Parenting Coaches Lauren Coglianese Keck and Karemi Alvarez

“What I have come to understand is that there are no good or bad children.  There are compliant children, defiant children, and then there are authentic children.” – Lauren Coglianese Keck

Wow.  I have to tell you, that quote alone has changed my outlook on parenting.  And that’s just the first minute of the show!  

This show is the fourth in our 8-part series on Conscious Parenting the parenting myths Dr. Shefali Tsabary so beautifully shared in her book, The Awakened Family

To bring this myth to life, we are joined by two magical Conscious Parenting coaches: Lauren Coglianese Keck of Sunshower Coaching and  Karemi Alvarez of the Conscious Parenting Institute.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What happens when we put labels like “good”, “bad”, “difficult”, “challenging” on our children — and where this comes from
  • Lauren’s powerful story of transformation, now “8 years sober” from spanking her child
  • Karemi’s beautiful explanation of the double standards we have for our children vs. ourselves
  • And most importantly, how we can create the space for our children to be authentic 

About Lauren Coglianese Keck

Lauren Coglianese Keck is a Conscious Coach and the founder of Sunshower Coaching. She is also a former high school teacher with a master’s in education turned unschooler, who woke up and realized she had created a life based on what she had been told she was supposed to do, so she reconnected to her deepest truths and made some changes and now lives a life that honors and expresses who she is, and she loves to help others do the same.

About Karemi Alvarez

Karemi Alvarez holds a Master’s in Public Health and is a Conscious Parenting Coach certified by clinical psychologist, Dr. Shefali Tsabary in her Conscious Parenting Coaching Method.

Her passion for growing as a mother and as a professional in the field of mental health has led her to dedicate years to academic and professional training, but most importantly, to apply what she learns in her daily life. Her years of experience working in the Department of Pediatrics with the University of California, San Diego inspired her to look beyond the physical health of children and to address the connection between children’s emotional well-being and their parents’ emotional states.

Karemi helps parents to acquire knowledge and tools to raise children who enjoy mental and emotional health, children who develop emotional intelligence, resilience, self-discipline, a sense of self-worth, among many other important life skills. Through her guidance, parents learn to become self-aware and emotionally available for their children while learning how they can address their inner needs as parents.

Links so you can explore more:

If you are interested in learning more about conscious parenting coaching with these amazing coaches, you can find them here:

Lauren Coglianese Keck: www.sunshowercoaching.com

Karemi Alvarez: www.consciousparentinginstitute.com

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