36: Conscious Parenting: A Parent’s Greatest Gift is Awakening – Conscious Parenting Coaches Nina Cruz, Tilley Fine, and Janet Philbin

Over the 10 months of this podcast, we have focused on exploring one important & inspiring question:  “How do we set our kids up to live their best lives?… to be the most authentic expression of who they’re meant to be?”  I’ve asked this question of therapists, educators, coaches, religious leaders, and spiritual teachers.  And if I could only choose one answer to share with the world, it would be this: parent consciously.  But how do we get started?  That’s what we’re going to talk about!

This episode kicks off an 8-part series on conscious parenting and the 7 myths that stand in the way of us connecting with ourselves and our children and creating the conditions for them to express themselves authentically and to know that they are enough just as they are. Joining me in this episode are three coaches, certified in Dr. Shefali Tsabary’s Conscious Parenting Method: Nina Cruz, Tilley Fine, and Janet Philbin.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • What conscious parenting is and how it differs from the mainstream model
  • How conscious parenting has completely transformed their parenting and their own lives
  • Why we have to let go of “control” in parenting — and what to replace it with
  • A glimpse of the future.  I have had the unique opportunity of actually knowing someone who was parented consciously.  It’s like finding a unicorn!  Knowing him has been like a masterclass.  I share how he shows up in the world, what we can learn from him, and what the future looks like for our children — and for humanity —  if we parent consciously. 

About Tilley Fine

Tilley Fine is a Conscious Coach who focuses on conscious living in all areas of your life. This includes parenting, your professional life, relationships, and day to day interactions. As the privileged parent of a spirited daughter, Tilley has been challenged to grow personally and to focus on making conscious decisions and choices. She relates to parents with compassion and appreciation in their path of awareness and growth. She helps her clients navigate their life experiences though connection to themselves, their children and in their everyday life situations.

Tilley lives in Los Angeles, California and has worked much of her adult life in the corporate world of entertainment with music. Once she became a parent, she was drawn to Dr. Shefali’s work and is a Certified Conscious Parenting Coach through Dr. Shefali’s institute. She has lived in Africa, the UK and now the USA and enjoys sharing the Conscious Living message globally.

About Nina Cruz

Nina is a certified Conscious Parent Coach/Conscious Coach, a Social Worker (BSW) & a Meditation Teacher.

In her Private Coaching Practice she supports clients to become aware of the generational patterns that are playing out in their everyday life, that could be contributing to increased stress, anxiety. overwhelm & a feeling of disconnection. Nina supports her clients in gaining a new sense of awareness through knowledge and understanding of their own narrative so that they can create a new Blueprint for themselves…their family & their life.

About Janet Philbin

Janet Philbin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Janet is the author of best-selling book, Show Up For Yourself- A Guide to Inner Awareness and Growth. Janet is a Certified Conscious Parenting Coach Practitioner, and a Certified Hypnotherapist. 

She trusts that each of us have the ability to heal and that all you need is the right guide and tools to help you along the way. Showing up for yourself happens when the adult self re-parents her own inner child from an aligned and healed way. The author’s passion, as a clinician and a healer, is to help you show up for you and to help parents awaken to develop strong connections with their children and themselves. 

Janet’s unique eclectic style combines her years of clinical counseling, parent coaching, hypnosis. Janet has a successful private practice providing psychotherapy and hypnotherapy to adult clients world wide. She is an expert in helping her clients uncover and heal the issues of the inner child which are influencing their adult life and parenting in the present.

Links so you can explore more:

If you are interested in learning more about conscious parenting coaching with these amazing coaches, you can find them here:

Nina Cruz: ninacruzconsciouscoaching.com
Nina’s FREE 5 Day Conscious Parenting Bootcamp 
Nina’s FREE 12 Days Of Presence Program 
Nina’s FREE 30 MIN Discovery Session 

Tilley Fine: @tilleyfine on Instagram and Facebook

Janet Philbin: hypnosisforhope.com
Book: Show Up For Yourself: A Guide to Inner Growth and Awareness (Amazon Link)

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