35: We are Teaching Children, Not Curriculum – Greta Harman, Executive Director and Board Certified Educational Therapist

As we kick off this unprecedented school year, it feels like our educational system has been completely upended, whether we like it or not. AND, there’s so much possibility in that! Today’s guest is all about what’s possible if we rethink education.

Greta Harman is a board certified educational therapist and serial entrepreneur, currently working alongside Oprah’s favorite parenting expert, Dr. Shefali, to help spread the Conscious Parenting movement worldwide. In this episode, she shares:

  • How we can redefine educational success so our kids can thrive
  • What conscious parenting means for how we approach education 
  • What Greta learned from her own journey as a parent navigating the education system (“Everything we did was wrong!”)
  • The most important things we can do to help our children learn this school year
  • And how she – and we! – can stay present, calm, and curious in the face of it all

Links so you can explore more:

  • You can find Greta at http://www.gretaharman.com/, @greta.harman on Instagram, or somewhere on a beach in Orange County, California.  

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Episode 35