Did My Child’s Soul Choose Me?

I was sitting in my bedroom, head in my hands, sobbing silently. It was the first time I’d allowed my then two-year-old daughter, Lexi, to see me in an emotional state. I’d received some troubling news, and I couldn’t hold back. I’d hoped she would stay in her room playing, but she toddled in to see what was going on with “mommy.” 

I ducked my head to dry my tears, but she put her little hands under my chin, lifted my face to hers, looked right into my eyes with a maturity far beyond her years and said, “I’ve got you. I’ve got you. It’s ok.” 

In that moment, her maternal energy was so strong it shocked me. 

In Soul Path Parenting Episode 31, “Science Meets Spirit: An End to Upside Down Thinking,” Mark Gober talks about research at the University of Virginia that found strong evidence of pre-birth cognition, and past life memories in children.  

The evidence was so strong that the researchers were able to corroborate historical facts from children’s stories, and even match physical characteristics to injuries or deaths that the children remembered from past lives. 

About six months later, Lexi said to me, “Remember when I was the mommy and you were my baby?” 

I began to wonder if this was more than a toddler’s play. I have wondered if my daughter and I shared a life, or many lives before…


Fast forward to now, and Lexi is three-and-a-half years old. She loves to play mommy and toddler. I’m always the toddler. We were having a fun moment where I was taking a bath and she was standing beside the tub washing my hair with a watering can. 

I asked her, “Do you remember when you were the mommy and I was the baby?” 

Without hesitation, she answered, “Yes.” 

“Did you have lots of children, or just me?” I asked. “Was I the youngest or in the middle?” 

“I had lots of children,” she said. “You were in the middle.”

“Where did we live? What happened to us?” I asked. 

“We lived in Mexico-Hawaii and we were running away,’ she said.

“Were we being chased?” I asked. 

“Yes, we were being chased. We ran and ran and then we just ran out,” she said. 

“We ran out? Do you mean we died?” I asked.

“Yes, she said. 

“Do you know what that means, to die?” I asked. 

“Yes,” she said. “It means you just ran out.” 

“Do you remember coming to me to start this life in Boulder?” I asked her?”

This part blew me away. 


She said: “Yes. There was a store, and I went in and there was a celebration with my name on it ‘Alexia Rodwin’ and I bought it.”

It struck me that she used her full first and last name. We call our daughter Lexi and rarely mention her full name, so when I heard her call herself that I was surprised she even knew that her “real” name is Alexia. 

About a week later she spontaneously added this:

Hey mommy, did you know that all the children went in a circle and met God. And you could be there to help out…but you weren’t there…Then I was in your tummy and then I was born (she made a spiraling motion with her hands as she spoke) with the light.

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Marsha is an award-winning journalist, content marketer, entrepreneur, and mother to a preschool-aged daughter. She loves diving deep into spiritual practices, while maintaining a light heart, and self-effacing sense of humor.

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