Awakening from Our Illusion of Separateness: The Gift of the Current Crisis – Patricia Pearce, Spiritual Teacher & Author, Beyond Jesus

Patricia Pearce writes, “Jesus has become an obstacle to our spiritual evolution — not because of who he was but because of who we have made him out to be.” In this episode, Patricia shares her spiritual odyssey from becoming a Presbyterian pastor, to experiencing a spiritual awakening, to leaving the church to pursue her own path as a spiritual teacher, energy worker, and author.

Patricia believes that we are all here on this planet for a reason at a very auspicious moment in Earth’s evolution. Humanity is going through a great awakening — moving out of our long sojourn in the illusion of separateness and awakening to the truth of our interconnectedness and interdependence.

In this episode, Patricia shares with us:

  • How the story of separateness became woven into the teachings of the Christian church and why it is counter to what Jesus knew to be true
  • How our lives are our teacher – the perfect curriculum 
  • How our own personal transformation & letting go of our separateness contributes to planetary transformation – the only possible future if we want to continue as a species
  • How dreamwork can be used to gain powerful insights
  • The gift of insight and awareness that our current crisis – political & pandemic – offers
  • What our children can teach us about connecting to oneness

Links so you can explore more:

Website: Patricia Pearce
Book: Beyond Jesus (Amazon link)
Book: No One in I Land: A Parable of Awakening (Amazon link)
Podcast: The Evolutionary Activist

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