Why Change Can Feel So Hard…and What to Do About It – Bob Tipton, Principal Change Architect

As the entire planet adjusts to stay-at-home and prepares for what our “new normal” might look like, we’re all dealing with change.  It’s sort of a cliche that “change is hard,” but there’s more to it than just the fear of loss or fear of the unknown.  Transformational change is actually a process, one that doesn’t happen overnight.

In this episode, Bob Tipton, Principal Change Architect at Team Tipton, breaks down the  dynamics around how change so that we can understand where we and our loved ones are in the process and chart a path forward. 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The “9 Stages of Transformational Change” curve: (1) Status Quo, (2) Denial, (3) Righteous Resistance, (4) Pleading, (5) Despair, (6) Tolerance, (7) Acceptance, (8) Agreement, and (9) Advocacy.  (You can view the visual on the Team Tipton blog.)
  • How to identify where you are, get un-stuck and move forward through the phases
  • What we can learn from our kids about dealing with change
  • What disappointment really is…and how to shift out of it
  • The opportunities available to us as a result of the challenges we are facing

Links so you can explore more:

Website: Team Tipton
Blog: “‘Instant Life Dislocations’ – and Why Transformation Feels So Hard”

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