The Spiritual Opportunities of the Stay-at-Home Experience, Easter and Beyond – Rev. Scott Schell, Unity Columbine Spiritual Center

If we believe that every experience is here for us rather than happening to us, then we might ask ourselves, what is the opportunity of this stay-at-home experience we’re all having?  This week I had the opportunity to explore this and other inspiring questions with Rev. Scott Schell, co-minister at Unity Columbine Spiritual Center.  I just love their mission: We Inspire Personal Transformation! and their commitment to the spiritual journey.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How to distinguish the “judge” part of our ego and free ourselves from its voice so we can be who we’re really meant to be
  • Scott’s personal journey of finding his voice, his community and his self-expression
  • How COVID 19 is putting pressure on the individual self, the ego structure, and how these challenges offer us an opportunity to grow
  • A lens on Easter as a metaphor for personal transformation that, for the first time in my life, offers real meaning for how we can celebrate this holiday as a family
  • And Scott’s beautiful words of support: “No matter what’s going on in our lives, we are the expression of something much greater and all things are working for good, even though in the world around us, it’s hard sometimes to imagine that that could be the truth.  And so as we just breathe into it and and say, ‘what is mine to do today?'”

About Scott Schell

Scott is both an ordained Unity Minister and a teacher in the Ridhwan School. The practical nature of Unity’s teachings have been a tremendous support in his life and he finds great joy in sharing those principles with others.

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