An Open Tent: Inspiration from Jewish Spirituality and Practice for Everyone – Rabbi Caryn Aviv, PhD, Judaism Your Way

As we look for ways to raise spiritually connected children, inspiration abounds!  Today’s guest, Rabbi Caryn Aviv, beautifully shares practices and lessons from Jewish spirituality that we can call learn from.  Did you know that Jewish practice doesn’t require belief?  Frankly, having been raised in a Christian context, I thought prescribed beliefs were at the core of all religions. Caryn will share more on this.

In this episode, Caryn shares:

  • An inspiring description of “Jewish time” as circular rather than linear
  • How the weekly practice of coming back to center, Shabbat, includes rest (menucha), connecting to what’s important and sacred (kiddusha), and experiencing joy (oneg) with such pleasures as yummy food and intimacy
  • How Judaism sees God as both masculine and feminine, with feminine being the indwelling sacred presence within all of us (so beautiful!)
  • The meaning behind Passover and the Jewish coming of age celebration, which they call the Be Mitzvah at Judaism Your Way

About Caryn

Caryn is a Rabbi and the Education Director at Judaism Your Way, an independent organization that offers innovative opportunities to connect Jewishly for all Jews and loved ones.  Caryn holds a PhD in sociology and anthropology, taught Jewish Studies at the University of Colorado and the University of Denver, and is the author of three books: Queer Jews, New Jews: The End of the Jewish Diaspora, and American Queer: Now and Then.

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