The Breakthrough That Led to Joy & Happiness Beyond My Dreams – Amy Breeze Cooper

This episode is about joy and happiness. As we’ve explored how we set our kids up to live their best lives on this podcast, one theme has become clear: We parents have to be pursuing ours. So, today, I’m sharing stories from my own life. It may sound weird because I literally never hear anyone say this, but my life is overflowing with joy. I have a life, marriage, and family that exceeds anything I ever imagined. Of course, it wasn’t always this way. In fact, there were some huge limitations standing in the way of my happiness. But finally a decade ago I had the breakthrough that changed everything. If you are still look to create more joy and happiness in your life, I hope that my story may have some seed of inspiration or insight so you can have a life beyond your wildest dreams too. That’s my wish for all of us.

About Amy Breeze Cooper

Mom, stepmom, business executive, avid CrossFitter, world traveler, and host of the Soul Path Parenting Podcast

I’m on a mission to bring inspiration, insights, and ideas to parents who want to raise their own consciousness and raise spiritually connected children. I have found parenting to be the most amazing, joyful, challenging, exhausting, and rewarding thing I’ve ever done. I have four wonderful kids: 9, 7, 4, and 2 years old, alternating girl-boy-girl-boy. “The Bigs” (the older two) came into my life when I married my husband; “the Littles” (the younger two) were “DIY.” Parenting is a passion for me and Soul Path Parenting is a calling. I heard the call and I’m answering. Join me.

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