EQ & SQ: Developing Social-Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence – Michal Berg, CEO, Spirituality for Kids International

In this episode we talk with Michal Berg about how we can support our kids’ development socially and emotionally, and also spiritually. Michal is a parenting coach, creator of the Parenting the Soul course, and CEO of the non-profit Spirituality for Kids International, Inc. (SFK). SFK’s award-winning spiritual social-emotional learning curriculum has taught nearly 85,000 kids, in 21 countries to tap into their inner strengths and see their true potential.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Managing emotions; both managing ours and how to coach them with theirs
  • Defining SQ and how to help your kids cultivate it
  • Developing resilience 
  • Building compassion
  • The most important thing you can say when your child is facing struggles (Spoiler alert: it’s a question, not a statement)

Links so you can explore more:

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