Beautiful Buddhist-Inspired Approaches to Nurturing and Guiding Children – Steve Sachs, Alaya Preschool

In this episode we talk with Steve Sachs, the co-director of Alaya Preschool, which draws on the wisdom of the Shambhala Buddhist tradition to inspire its approach to early childhood education.  Steve has been an educator for 40 years and has wonderful insights and inspiration to share from his time at Alaya, 24 years in Montessori, and experience teaching in the Early Childhood Education program at Naropa University.  He’s also a co-director of Family Camp at the Shambhala Mountain Center.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Meeting each child in the present moment
  • How to handle big emotions
  • Cultivating connection, kindness, self-acceptance, and non-competition
  • And a wonderful practice for handle the situation when child has hurt another child in some way that has been transformative in our household.

I found this conversation so inspiring…and I hope you do too!

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Episode 14