What’s Right, Not Who’s Right – How Simple Shifts Can Heal Our Relationships – Bob Tipton, Author

In this episode, Bob Tipton, author of What’s Right, Not Who’s Right, a simple shift to regain our humanity and heal our relationships – at home and at work, shares what he’s learned from his career as a transformational change architect working with government and large organizations and, perhaps more importantly, from nearly 40 years of parenting and grandparenting.  Given the world we’re bringing our kids up in today, understanding how we can shift from defending positions to finding common interests has never been more important.  

In this episode, Bob shares:

  • what he believes is at the source of the political animosity we see today
  • what he’s learned from parenting biological and adopted children
  • why it’s important to let our kids suffer (up to a point)
  • the physiology of emotions and how we can disrupt triggers
  • why growing your collection of “used to thinks” is important (and how he used to think that balance was possible!)
  • how he loves his kids uniquely rather than equally
  • how our energy dictates the outcome of situations
  • and, the hardest lesson he’s learned as a parent

Bob and Team Tipton have a mission to get What’s Right, Not Who’s Right into the hands of every elected official in America (435,000 of them!).  You can join them here.

Team Tipton has also created a transformation month.  Week one is a FREE 7-day course on real, lasting transformational change, focused on What’s Right, Not Who’s Right, and includes a free copy of the book (shipping and handling required).  You can sign up here.

You can find Bob and his team at Team Tipton.

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