Manifestation, “Momming,” and the Magic of Creating a Life You Love – Tamara Ross, My Life My Design

This week we’re talking with Tamara Ross, an inspiring leader in the field of personal development…and a personal friend of mine!  I have never met someone so committed to having other people have lives they love.  She has made a difference for me personally, and I believe she will for you too.  There is so much goodness packed into this episode!  I made a list of the inspiring ideas from this interview.  Here are my top fifteen!:

In this episode you will learn:

  • What manifestation is and how you’re already manifesting your life – whether or not you’re trying
  • How thoughts, feelings and actions create your energy field — and why just “mindset” or “action” isn’t enough
  • An experiment you can do to see manifestation show up in your life
  • The power of the question “if you could have it all your way, what would life look like?” and how the “either/or” paradigm most people live in prevents them from creating it
  • That “paradigm of momming” is dense – and how to create freedom instead
  • A window into how flipping the mom & dad parenting roles can look and one of the keys to making it work
  • One of the keys to managing your energy — and how to coach kids (and ourselves!) through doing it
  • How acceptance can create massive shifts even when you can’t get to gratitude
  • How asking your kids questions when they kids hurt themselves can shift the upset to from drama to just a thing that happened so limitations don’t get created
  • What it means to raise our kids to know themselves as limitless beings and what happens when we align to labels (like “she’s shy”) instead of our kids’ infiniteness
  • What a “limitless being” is — and that Jesus was here to show us what is possible, the mastery that is within all of us
  • That the divine feminine is raising on the planet, while and the older patriarchal paradigm is being destroyed.  The breakdown of political, economic and educational structures that we see today is making way for the next paradigm in which people step into their own power
  • Why your children chose you in order to fulfill their soul path
  • How mastering your own energy can transform your relationships with others – without them needing to do anything 
  • A simple and beautiful explanation of what happens when we die 

My favorite moment:

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Helpful links so you can explore more:

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