Making Mindfulness Fun & Approachable – Angela Wolf, Founder of Meditot

This episode also includes a special “gift” for parents.  Angela is writing a book on mantras & mindfulness exercises for parents.  She’ll coach you through two of them you can immediately use in your own life.  I choose calm… I am calm…..  (let’s do this….)

Yes, meditation is important.  But easy?  Not so much!  (Not for me, at least!)  I would love nothing more than to build my own practice AND introduce mindfulness to my kids.  And today’s guest, Angela Wolf, has the inspiration and answers for how to do just that!  She’s the founder of Meditot, a Children’s Mindfulness and Meditation Academy.  If you think your go-go-go kids are the furthest thing from meditation-ready, listen on!

Links so you can explore more:

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