Intention & Receiving: Two Keys to Powerfully Unlock the Life You Want (in 2020 or Whenever!)

Looking for a little inspiration as you kick off the new year?  This show is for you!  As we kick off 2020, I was inspired by the question…what are the keys to creating the lives of our dreams?  Based on my life and others’, two of the most powerful things I see enabling (or preventing!) this are intention & receiving.  So, we created our first round table discussion with three powerhouse women to share their wisdom and experience about exactly that! 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • setting intentions for what you want to create
  • how choosing a word for the year can expand your life in powerful new ways
  • how to set and align in energetic priorities that make life juicy
  • how the day-to-day intentions you set for your interactions with others can transform your relationships
  • why and how we block our own ability to receive what we want
  • how being the abundance you want to receive can powerfully unlock it

Our guests for this show are 3 of my favorite leaders in the fields of intuition, personal development, and coaching.  If you’ve listened to previous episodes, they may be familiar! 

All three of our guests are also mamas, but this week’s show really is for you parents.  I believe that in order for our kids to live their best lives, one of the most powerful things we can do is pursue our best lives.  

For more wisdom and inspiration from these amazing ladies, check out episodes #1 (Willow), #3 (Erin), and #5 (Tamara).

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