Intuition: How You and Your Kids Can Cultivate Your Magical Powers — Willow Bradner

Today’s show is about intuition.  Intuition is one of the keys to living a fulfilling life; it’s our window into our soul’s desires.  We were born with it… but with so many voices – our parents, society, our teachers – many of us stop listening to our inner voice.  The good news is, we all have it.  It’s just a matter of tuning in!

This week we talk with someone who has intuition as her superpower.  Willow Bradner is a psychic and business medium…and a mom. 

In this week’s episode you will learn:

  • How we find our intuition and how we cultivate it in our kids
  • The no-BS answer to how to find your purpose
  • A definition of self-care that will inspire you
  • What parents can do to set their kids up to live their full, authentic lives
  • Helpful tips for parents with highly sensitive kids
  • A fantastic tip for people who struggle to sit and meditate
  • A surprising solution for how to get that thing we all want more of…time

Helpful links so you can explore more:

Willow Bradner’s Website
The Clarity Cure Program

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